Konica Minolta Debuts ImagePilot Aero Package

Konica Minolta has introduced the ImagePilot Aero for Orthopedic Clinics, designed to meet the financial and clinical needs of orthopedic clinics. The package integrates the company’s wireless flat panel detector and orthopedic toolsets with Konica Minolta’s 5-year Total Cost of Ownership program.

Technology Challenges

Assessing the Net Effect

Hospital CIOs are likely to be debating the subject of net neutrality in the near future. Net neutrality essentially means that all parties sending data via the Internet are treated equally by carriers like Verizon and AT&T. Corporations, or hospitals for that matter, can’t simply pay more for faster transmission speed. That’s the current state of affairs, but it may change.


Best Practices

Don’t Miss the Mock Trial at RSNA 2014!

Attendees of RSNA have the opportunity to consider firsthand one of the consequences of the tremendous advances in imaging technology. A mock jury trial will present a case in which an incidental finding later develops into a cancer. The Mock Trial will take place on Sunday, November 30, from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm in S406A.