Michael Bisceglia, MD of Midstate Radiology Associates

Technology Challenges

Third Time Was the Charm

It mattered to Rich Maskowsky’s radiology practice that a speech recognition solution would work with their PACS-driven workflow—and that the vendor had worked well with their PACS and RIS provider. Midstate Radiology Associates, which maintains two imaging centers and reads multimodality studies on-site, chose IDS’ Voice2Dox as their speech recognition solution.

Cree Gaskin, MD, University of Virginia Health System

Technology Challenges

Synchronizing Makes Sense

While working closely with the electronic medical record (EMR) vendor during the pre-implementation phase, Cree Gaskin, MD, associate professor of radiology and orthopedic surgery and vice-chair of informatics, University of Virginia Health System, Charlottesville, discovered the potential to improve workflow by synchronizing the EMR with the picture archiving and communication system (PACS).

Yvonne Li, Co-founder, SurDoc and SurMD

Cloud Computing

Integrating Cloud Services into Your Practice

When you hear someone say “the cloud,” they are referring to the vast network of servers that comprise what is commonly known as the Internet. The cloud can perform a number of functions, including store, manage, exchange, and host data. Migrating and storing data electronically may be hard for some imaging practices to imagine, but it is easier than you might think, and its benefits can be significant.

Judith A. Malmgren, MD, Affiliate Assistant Professor, University of Washington’s School of Public Health and Community Medicine, and study co-author

Research News

75 Is the New 40

When it comes to breast health, women at 75 may be wise to continue to act as if they are 40. A recent study funded by the Kaplan Cancer Research Fund and conducted at the Swedish Cancer Institute found that regular mammography exams could benefit women over 75 in unexpected ways. The study was published online in the journal Radiology.