Technology Review: 3D Soft/Hardware

UPDATED 3D IMAGING SOFTWARE Vital Images, Plymouth, Minn, introduces Vitrea 2, Version 3.1, its newly updated diagnostic imaging software for use in 3D environments. Version 3.1 features several advancements with respect to

Mammography and Political Roulette

When it assumed status as a screening procedure, mammography and its reimbursement became inextricably tied to national politics: An update.

A Virtual Standoff

Payors are taking a wait-and-see approach before reimbursing for virtual colonoscopy, but there is anticipation, even eagerness, to the waiting.

Technical Aspects

Most CT and MR scanners incorporate SSD and MIP capabilities, and the latest generation is capable of VR. However, a more efficient option usually is to export the data to a separate workstation, either one developed specifically for medical i


AMGA compensation survey; and new guidelines for neuroimaging premature infants.

Selling Quality

Facilities that are accredited through one of the American College of Radiology programs now can use the newly devised ACR certification mark to help market their services.

Protecting the Mission

Radiology and health care at large-must do the difficult work necessary to bring its operations into the black, or risk losing its grasp on the mission to heal.

Design for the New Radiology

With careful attention to design, departments and freestanding facilities can attain more efficient work flows, while staying within budget.

Retooled Technology

In the right market and the right hands, remanufactured equipment is helping radiology departments meet technology needs within budget constraints.