IHE: Year-4 Additions and Extensions

In year 4, IHE both has added to the infrastructure that will facilitate the extension of IHE to areas outside radiology, and, within radiology, extended the radiologic work flow process.

Case Study: Ohio State University

By building an IT department with hand-picked clinicians, choosing a PACS with open architecture, and customizing as little as possible, Ohio State University is close to eliminating film.

Step-by-Step Integration

Attention to standards minimizes risk and discourages the disruption of clinical services during the integration process.

Real-World Integration

The best hope for health care institutions to achieve integration in a heterogenous environment is an effective integration strategy.

Technology Review

VIDEO DISPLAY ANALYZER Sencore, Sioux Falls, SD, introduces the CP5000 ColorPro All Display color analyzer: the product enables the user to align all video displays to match industry specifications, including the ability t

HIPAA and the Radiology Practice

As the April 2003 deadline for compliance with the Privacy Standards approaches, the hour of reckoning is near for radiology practices.


Study links PACS with increase in incidental findings on lumbar spinal MRI; a new leadership manual is published