Milan diPierr0 In the past, most integration efforts focused on allowing islands of information to exchange data, but this did not provide seamless integration at the desktop. The burden of “integration” was left up to the end

Technology Review

Web Distribution System Eastman Kodak Co, Rochester, NY, introduces the Kodak DirectView Web distribution system. The system, which interfaces with PACS, provides these new capabilities: supports clinical review by physicians on d

PACS: An Update from the Field

Advances in viewing, archiving, and networking technologies and applications have brought efficiencies and economies to picture archiving and communications systems.


Risk management guidelines in teleradiology have evolved to accommodate new privacy concerns.

BMD Testing: Anybody’s Games?

Dear Editor: I read the article by Chris Wolski, “The Case for BMD Testing” (March 2003), with interest. In the last page of the article, under the heading “Anybody’s Game,” Wolski makes the assumption that there is a lack of specialty


CRS Puts Halt to California Broker Bill A California bill that would have paved the way for the brokering of diagnostic imaging services has been amended, much to the relief of the legislation’s opponents. SB 1071, introduced in the Calif