Speeding Workflow

Implementing 3D visualization without experiencing some downtime can be a challengeespecially, as the trend now is “to do everything at once,” according to Osman Ratib, MD, PhD, professor and vice chairman, Information Systems Department of Ra

A Bridge to Filmlessness

The average age of modalities in use at The Toledo Hospital hovers somewhere around 7 years. The oldest piecesacquired about a decade and a half agoare the nuclear medicine cameras. Not many years behind them are the radiography systems. Th

Technology Review

5MP Video Graphics Card Image Systems Corporation, Minnetonka, Minn, introduces the Image-5MP, a dual head 10 bit, digital, 5 megapixel, grayscale video graphics card. The Image-5MP has the features needed to properly display me

The Demise of the IVP

As the once-revolutionary IVP disappears from the armamentarium, new applications for imaging in the genitourinary tract are shaking up the field.


Radiologists at Growing Risk for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Although carpal tunnel syndrome has long been a curse of cubicle-dwelling office workers, a new study verifies that the repetitive-motion disorder is affecting radiologists who read in

On the Hill

Congress could produce legislation this summer that would effect the largest restructuring of the Medicare program since its 1965 inception.

Barbarians at the Gate

Radiologists have the potential to add value instead of cost to the health care system in new imaging partnership ventures.

4 Ways to Staff Up

A tight employment market for both radiologists and technologists requires innovative strategies to attract and maintain a full staff: here are a few ideas.