Practice Management: Building IT Support

Practices that invest in information and image management systems must also invest in personnel to support those systems or fail to accrue their maximum benefit.

Northern Exposures: An Alaskan Leap of Faith

AOIC is Alaska’s first independent outpatient imaging center. What makes it so unusual is that it was started by administrators and technologists who mortgaged their houses and risked their careers on the American dream.

Radiation Oncology: Basic Financial Management

A grasp of the principles of financial management is required to understand the level of procedural volume needed to make a radiation oncology program self-supporting and how the program might benefit from changes and/or capital acquisitions


Election year pushes malpractice skirmishes into the trenches; top 10 MRI procedures in 2003.

Survival of the Slickest

If things keep shaping up the way they are, you will need more than a flak jacket and a black belt in karate to keep the neighborly specialties out of your business.