Study Establishes New CT Severity Index for Patients with Acute Pancreatitis To better predict the outcomes of patients suffering from acute pancreatitis, a new study, published in the November 2004 issue of the American Journal of Roen

Handheld Radiology

PDAs are unlikely to provide a solution for making mobile diagnoses, but the devices could provide a vehicle for mobile dictation, transcription review, and practice management.

3-Dimensional Ultrasound Imaging

With advancements in 3D ultrasound technology, new applications have entered clinical practice and many more are under exploration.

Look Before You Leap

A veteran of ’90s radiology and the PPM craze offers cautionary tales to those who would grow their practice for the sheer size of it.

5 To Watch

Keep one foot on the clutch and the other near the gas as we downshift into 2005.

DR and CR, Today and Tomorrow

Advances in both DR and CR may ultimately render moot the debate over whether it is better to outfit with one or the other.

Reinventing the Radiology Report, 2: Time to Adapt

Report turnaround time has long been the bane of the radiologist’s existence. It is one of the most critical factors in assessing clinicians’ satisfaction with imaging services. 1-3 Despite an understanding of the importance of report

Monitoring Your Monitors

As soft-copy review spreads, managing quality assurance in imaging displays is a growing source of concern.

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine in 2020

The quest for improved image quality, the need for efficiency, and declining reimbursement will shape the burgeoning MRI market well into the future.