MDCT or X-Ray for Lung Cancer Screening? Stopping short of an endorsement for using MDCT scanning to screen for lung cancer, a review article in The New England Journal of Medicine calls the technique “very promising” but suggested that high-ris

PET/CT: A Tale of 3 Models

Health care providers are finding that mobile is the way to provide referrers and patients with access to PET/CT.

Monitor Mantra: Manage Image Quality

The management of monitor image quality in an integrated health care environment is of paramount importance to the integrity of radiological images.

The Migratory Patterns of PACS

The message from PACS data migration veterans is look—and think—before you leap.

Running Imaging: A Professional Leadership Model

Radiology departments will be well positioned to operate effectively only if staff is properly trained and focused on financial analyses, quality-management projects, ongoing educational programs, information technologies, and marketing initiatives.

Is the Price Right?

Setting appropriate prices for health care services is critical to the future of our nation’s hospitals.

The Cost of Compliance

Any increase in the regulation of breast imaging as recommended in the recent Institute of Medicine report must be accompanied by an increase in reimbursement.