The Big Store

Frank Clark, PhD, CIO, Medical University of South Carolina, answers questions about the management of that institution’s radiological data.

Cross-Town Cooperation

Cross-enterprise exchange of digital images is working in Philadelphia, enabling enhanced access and quality of care.

News Story

Congress Pickpockets Radiology with Deficit Reduction Act

DMISTifying Mammography

Implementing FFDM is a complex imaging informatics task that is eased through attention to IHE.

A Pollyanna Turn

This column is dedicated to the heroes in health care who put themselves in harm’s way for the public’s sake.

Patients, Pixels, Dose: QC for DR and CR

Finding little information in the literature, Spectrum Health Diagnostic Radiology, Grand Rapids, Mich, found it necessary to design its own QC programs for CR and DR

New MRI Software: Nifty Spins

The latest software advances for MRI reveal a rapidly evolving modality with many exciting new applications in breast, cardiac, body and prostate imaging.