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Frost & Sullivan: Growth in the Enterprise Image Archiving Market

Notwithstanding the recent flattening of growth in medical imaging procedure volumes in the US, the growth in image data volumes continues to accelerate. Increasing average study volumes, evolving regulatory guidelines, a growing imaging patient population, and continuing reliance on imaging by the clinical enterprise all contribute to mounting image data volume requirements.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan’s US Enterprise Medical Image Archiving Market research finds that the vendor-neutral archive (VNA) market earned revenues of $110.5 million in 2011 and estimates this to reach $210.0 million in 2018. The VNA market consists of third-party vendors that provide PACS-neutral archives. Furthermore, Frost & Sullivan projects that the enterprise picture archiving and communication system (PACS) archive market, comprised primarily of incumbent PACS vendors, earned revenues of $77.4 million in 2011, which will grow to $168.2 million in 2018. The current traction in various customer segments of the market and proactive investment by industry participants suggest that revenues will sustain double-digit growth rates in both of these markets during the next seven years.